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Cottingley Old Folk Help Their Association


Cottingley old folk help their Association

The country's welfare state was often over emphasised and it was a healthy sight to see so many old people making a considerable contribution to their own association, said Mr. L. Hanson (vice chairman of Cottingley Old People's Welfare Association) on Saturday afternoon.

Mr. Hanson was chairman at the Association's annual autumn fair in Cottingley Town Hall Church Sunday Scool room. The event was successful and over 130 was raised.

Mr. Hanson who introduced the opener, Mr. G. Hardwick president of Bingley Lions Club, said that it was the fifth annual fair and on each of the previous occasions over a 100 had been raised. This was a splendid achievement by the members of the Association who could also feel proud that they had provided or had in some way been connected with the things which were for sale that afternoon.

The fair was the one day in the year when the old people made their own contribution. A lot of the talk about the welfare state was over emphasised and it was a healthy sight when old people made such a considerable contribution to their own association. It made the committee members feel encouraged that they were not entirely responsible for all the activities in the Association. Months of hard work had been spent organising the event and the old people should be congratulated on the effort.

Referring to Bingley Lions Club, Mr. Hanson said that when they received their Charter some four years ago he was Chairman of Bingley Council and very proud to be the first to sign in the visitors' book. He always spoke very highly of the Lions lub which did a good deal of charity which was not greatly advertised. They were, in his opinion, one of the finest institutions in the area.

Mr. Hardwick said that many people found it difficult to do something for nothing but the Lions Club prided themselves in the fact that they worked two or three days a week on some sort of project. The Lions were formed in America about 42 years ago and their aim was to help people worse of than themselves. Today there were over 650,000 Lions, and their motto "We serve."

The Lions at Bingley were to hold their tin collecting fortnight next month and the first day of the event would be November 24. During the two weeks they hoped to collect over 4,000 tins of food for distribution to about 300 people in the district.

A vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. E. Stead and seconded by Mr. A. Hirst.

Mr. Stead thanks Mr. Hardwick for the help Bingley Lions had given to old people at Cottingley during the past four years. A spray was handed to Mrs. Hardwick by Miss E Holgate, the oldest member of the Association.

Stall-holders were; Post-Office stall, Mrs. A. Greenwood, Mrs. A. Waterworth, Mrs. E. Neale, Mrs. A. Frear and Mrs. S. Jennings; cake stall, Miss M. Kilbank, Miss A. Starr and Mrs. A. Mawson; flower stall, Mrs. Crossley and Mrs. B. Smith; white elephant stall; Mrs. A. Parsons and Mrs. M. Watson; grocery stall, Mrs. L. Frear, Mrs. M. Rhodes and Mrs. L. Thornton; bran tub, Mr. A. Hirst; linen stall Mrs. L. Wray, Mrs. D. Addison and Mrs. A. Kane; mineral stall Mr. F. Fortune; refreshments, members of the committee.