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Keighley News & Bingley Chronicle - 27th Oct 1962 - Expanding Cottingley

Mrs. E. F. Charters, of 7 Woodside View Road


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EXTENSIVE housing development, both private and council, has taken place in the Cottingley area since the 1939-45 war, and residents consider that certain services, notably shops and buses, have not kept pace with it.

Although 312 council houses and nearly 250 private houses have been built people still have to use many of the same shops which served the old village of Cottingley more than 50 years ago or to go elsewhere. That is exactly what many do, but they complain that the bus service for the council houses and most of the private houses only runs every hour during the week and half hourly on Saturdays and Sundays.

The alternative is to walk to the main road where there is a frequent service, but some say this is rather a long way especially with children. Many, while using the village shops for convenience, consider it cheaper to go to Bingley or Shipley.

A large proportion of the new people are couples with young children and mothers would find a chemist shop a great help. Opinions differ about which is the nearest one; some say its Shipley, some Bingley and others the Haworth Road area of Bradford. At all events a journey is necessary.

Another 200 yet

Housing development at Cottingley has probably been the most extensive in the Bingley area. Council houses in Manor Road and School Street and elsewhere, and private houses, including those in Manor Drive, Ghyllwood Drive and, Grange Park, Westwood Creascent and Woodlands Grove, Fairy Dell and staybrite Avenue were built between the wars.

After the 1939-45 war the large council housing estate was built and many Bingley people moved there. Private houses numbering about 100 were built between Manor Drive and the main road - the Roundhill Estate - in the three years between 1959 and this year and then houses on the Woodside Estate beyond the council houses were begun. So far 115 have been built, and it is probable that at least another 200 will be added.

This development, of course, has changed Cottingley tremendously. Physically, at least, it is almost linked to Bingley instead of being a separate community, for most of the development has extended from the old village to Cottingley Bridge. This area is almost entriely built up now. Council houses and the Woodside state have been built beyond the older part of Cottingley on former farm land.

The hard core of the old village remains much as it has done for many years, but even this is changing. The entrance of Main Street was widened about two years ago and new shops were built in place of older property and there are plans to widen a part immediately above these.

First Smokeless

Cottingley was the first part of the Bingley area to become a smokeless zone. This order came into effect on July 1 and links up with a large smokeless area in shipley.

People living in Beckfield Road on the Woodside Estate just beyond the council houses find the area pleasant, but rather a long way from the main road and shops in the centre of cottingley.

Mrs. M. Brown prefers to do her shopping in Shipley and does not go into Bingley often. Mrs. Brown, who used to live in the Haworth Road area of Bradford, likes Cottingley because it is "nice and open".

Mr. and Mrs. B. Hudson like living in Cottingley and shop in the village during the week, but at weekends go to Bradford or Bingley. while they find the district "nice and peaceful" and they appreciate the pleasant outlook overlooking Cottingley Wood, they see disadvantages. For instance, they point out there is no chemist, the nearest one being, they say. in Haworth Road. The buses do not run very often and they would find a door to door delivery service by traders useful.

Mrs. D. Verity, who has lived in Beckfield Road for 18 months, used to live in a terraced house in Saltaire, but would not like to return. She has made friends as neighbours call to see each other and coffee mornings are held at different houses once a week. She thinks Cottingley is a better place for children than the street where she lived in Saltaire.

The biggest drawback to living in Cottingley in her view is the lack of shopping facilities. It is a quarter of an hour's walk for her to go into the village, especially with children, though she finds the shopkeepers most helpful and the people of Cottingley generally friendly. She would like to see some shops among the new houses.

Mrs. Verity likes to go shopping in Bingley, but thinks there ought to be a half-hourly bus service.

Mrs. S. Marron, of 18 Woodside View, has lived in Cottingley since Whitsuntide and before that was in Leeds. She finds the biggest change is being so near the countryside. Mrs. Marron who has two children and comes from Keighley, also thinks there are not enough shops among the new houses. Sh considers a chemist is needed, and points out that the nearest is at Bingley.

Cleaner washing

A resident who appreciates living a smokeless zone is Mrs. E. F. Charters, of 7 Woodside View, who previously lived in Nottingham. She says she notices the difference when she hangs out her washing. Everything is clean and there are "no smuts" as there were in Nottingham.

Mrs. Charters would also like to see some shops among the new houses, especially a chemist.


Mrs. E. F. Charters, of 7 Woodside View Road.

A March Cote lane resident thinks the countryside at Cottingley is "beautiful," the best part of the Bingley area, but she also would welcome better shopping facilities.

The other main area of private house building in Cottingley is the compact, almost square shaped Roundhill estate. Here residents do not have many of the problems of those living on Woodside estate because they are nearer the main road and the shops.

Plenty of trees

Mrs. D. Thornton, of 5 Roundhill Avenue, shares her shopping between Cottingley and Bingley. She too, thinks a chemist is needed locally.

Her neighbours, like her husband and herself, are mostly young couples, who visit each other and make up parties to go out together.

Mrs. J. Roden, of 18 Bradford Old Road, has lived in Cottingley for two years and much prefers it to a town because there are "plenty of green trees around." She used to live at Oxenhope and her husband, who works at Shipley, came from Keighley.

They find Cottingley nearer

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